Art Bedway Provides Security Services To Gated Communities

Art Bedway provides security services to gated communities as well as residential communities and condominiums. He has positioned Victory Security to partner with property and facility managers, boards, and associations to manage all the relationships necessary to ensure premier security.

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Art Bedway Founder and Chairman of Victory Security Agency

As the Founder and Chairman of Victory Security Agency, Art Bedway oversees the operations of an experienced, professional, full service security firm. He built this company through providing a broad array of services to meet the vital security needs of his clients. Victory Security uses the most current, cutting-edge electronic security solutions and provides highly trained security people. Moreover, Mr. Bedway engages in charitable, philanthropic, and church activities.

Victory Security Agency’s commitment is to providing a full suite of security services. For example, they provide security services for affordable living communities. The Company works closely with management staff, residents, community organizations and law enforcement agencies in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania area. This is to provide additional neighborhood safety and security services throughout affordable living communities in the city.

Moreover, Victory Security also provides mobile patrol as a service. They provide marked mobile patrol vehicles manned by Pennsylvania State certified armed officers. Their mobile patrol services include building “locks” and “unlocks”, alarm response, building inspections, and security escort services. They provide these vital services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Art Bedway’s Victory Security Agency also provides security for schools, hospitals, and residential/gated communities, among a broad array of services they provide for clients.

As one example in relation to his charitable, philanthropic, and church activities, Art Bedway is a co-chair of the Golf Classic sponsored by Family Services of Western Pennsylvania. For personal interests, he’s a longtime member of the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB) and served as an official in professional bodybuilding competitions.


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